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Management of Change (MOC)

While effectively managing the technical side of change contributes to being a successful organization, the inability to manage the technical side of change can have disastrous effects.

A typical MOC process involves (but it’s not limited to) the following components:
⇨ Background, reasoning and solution
⇨ Risk analysis
⇨ Multidisciplinary review and approval
⇨ Test and validation
⇨ Implementation
⇨ Post-implementation review
⇨ Documentation

Waste & Energy Process Solutions has a broad experience on MOC processes.

Design of experiments

With many years Research & Development experience we are highly skilled in designing, building en execution of goal specific (field) test experiments. We also analyse and validate data looking for industrial (full scale) implementation of  the promising results.

 Problem solving and decision making

We deliver specialized support within failure analyses .

Problem solving and decision making belong together. You cannot solve a problem without making a decision.

We utilize various systematic approaches in this complex thinking process to help our clients finding the best solutions. We help you choose the application specific and dedicated method.

International technology transfer

With our multinational background and many industrial contacts as well as our relationships with Research & Development institutes within European Union we can effectively support your international projects involving cross-border “technology transfers”.

With our practical experience on the Dutch-market we can also offer our customers an efficient “boost” for their international (technology)trading-projects, as well as active support in European-tender procedures.