Energy Efficiency en Process Optimisation

Waste & Energy Process Solutions Energy Efficiency en Process Optimisation

Rising energy and manufacturing costs, environmental certifications and the “greener” awareness – there are many reasons to take care of energy efficiency of your production facility.

We can help you identify the inefficiencies in your existing facilities and show you the way to eliminate them , improving significantly the performance of your assets.

We are focused on helping our clients to achieve the optimal (technical and economical) performance through optimization analysis of the assets.

From the survey and development phase up to final modernization or retrofit:

We can optimize your facility too!

De-bottle-necking of complex industrial projects.

In any production operation, improving efficiency and increasing throughput are critical to maximizing profitability.

De-bottle-necking is the process of identifying specific areas and/or equipment  that limit the “flow of product” (otherwise known as bottlenecks) and optimizing them so that overall capacity of the plant can be increased.

In some situations, eliminating a bottleneck can be as simple as changing system parameters to match recommended design values (well … it still involves a lot of practical experience to find them quickly). Other times, however, the solution may require a bit more time and effort, such as replacing an entire piece of equipment or retrofitting it to better match the needs of the facility.

Waste & Energy Process Solutions offers a wide range of engineering services and solutions that aim the eliminating of the bottlenecks and maximizing productivity.

Most important projects (under construction – this section will be updated soon)

Energy efficiency improvement of steam plant operation (Polish and Dutch power plants),

Coordination of energy consumption reduction program in 2 waste-to-energy plants.