Power Generation (CHP)

Waste & Energy Process Solutions Power Generation (CHP)

We provide expertise, advice and troubleshooting within power industrial facilities.

Our activities in this area involve:   

⇨ European legislation and regulations on energy generation,
⇨ Innovative and
low-emission combustion technologies,
Life extension of industrial heat exchangers,
Co-generation (CHP) and district heating network optimizations
Steam production and steam turbines,
⇨ Industrial
cooling water systems and cooling water treatment (bio-fouling prevention),
Thermodynamics and combustion processes,
Fluid dynamics/hydrodynamics (CFD modelling),
⇨ Small scale pollution abatement and control to meet the emission requirements (mid- low-scale combustion facilities),
⇨ Optimization of cooling
water treatment to minimize the bio-fouling process,
⇨ Assessment of technical condition
district heating system and modernization,

Most important projects (under construction – this section will be updated regularly)

Investigation on ash deposition on in-boiler heat exchangers (superheaters – Polish and Dutch power plants)

Re-engineering of turbine life steam by-pass system to meet safety norms (WtE plant Amsterdam – 150MWel),

Green energy (biomass-co-firing) certification system in large power plants (technical and legal consultancy),