Waste to Energy and alternative fuels

Waste & Energy Process Solutions Waste to Energy and alternative fuels

We provide expertise, advice and conceptual designs of high-end waste-to-energy applications.

We believe that the best solution to maximize technical and economical efficiency needs an individual approach. We assist our clients in the development phase of the projects through acquiring and reviewing of important aspects such as:

⇨ technical possibilities, constrains and solutions,
⇨ the best available techniques (BAT),
⇨ local legal and environmental regulations,

Our activities involve:

Reviews and expertise on technical designs,
⇨ Conceptual process designs

Feasibility studies
⇨ Hot and cold commisioning
⇨ Troubleshooting and de-bottle-necking
⇨ High efficiency WtE processes

Sewage sludge utilization and co-firing
RDF and biomass
Flue gas treatment in WtE plants
⇨ Development of the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)
⇨ Expertise on European legislation and regulations on waste incineration,

Most important projects (under construction – this section will be updated regularly):

Troubleshooting and process optimization of High Efficiency WtE Plant in Amsterdam.

Increasing of sewage sludge co-firing installation capacity (WtE plant Amsterdam – 150MWel),

Green energy (biomass-co-firing) certification system in large power plants (technical and legal advice),