Our Team

Thomas Zagorski, MSc
Senior Consultant and Founder of Waste & Energy Process Solutions

Through the years Thomas has obtained a lot of expertise in optimization of various industrial processes.

Beside his master’s degree in “Environmental Technology” he also graduated from technical college with the specialization in “ industrial process automation”. This unique combination let him act very efficient through being real in defining the technical goals of complex projects, always looking for an optimum to maximize the result.

He has also proved to be very efficient production manager, familiar with product development, management of change, operational costs reduction and maintenance aspects of the assets.

Thomas has 15 years+ professional experience within industry (Recycling, Waste-to-energy and Energy Generation) as well as 8 years experience in Research & Development environment (Alternative fuels in energy generation, life extension of the assets, slagging and fouling in large scale combustion facilities and steam generation).

Waste & Energy Process Solutions has been established in 2008.